As we enter into Spring, many of us are eager to be outdoors gardening, bicycling, running, etc.  Oftentimes people are focused into getting into shape for various events such as a race or perhaps it is a big event for early Summer such as a graduation, wedding, or a reunion.  We all want to look and feel our best and sometimes we need motivation to reach those goals.  Perhaps it is a situation of wanting to have an exercise routine or improve one's eating habits or be less stressed.  Hypnosis can help you achieve your goals by establishing good habits.



January is typically the month in which we’re inundated with ads for weight loss, getting in shape, being our best, blah, blah, blah. Wouldn’t it be better to just have a healthy relationship with food and our bodies?  How about taking one day at a time and strive to eat healthy and develop good habits for a healthy lifestyle?  So many people start off each year with an unrealistic weight loss goal using the word DIET vs. a happy and healthy lifestyle.  Many people don't know why they want to lose weight other than looking good.  It is important to look good, but more importantly,  good health should be at the top of the list.  If one were to ask someone who is ill, the main thing the ill person desires is to regain their health not only for themselves, but for their families.  They want to be able to participate in physical activities or go out with their family but their present status prevents them from doing so. 

What IS your WHY? What are your reasons for wanting to lose weight? If it is simply for vanity, please re-think your WHY. Hopefully it is for more reasons such as health and being active so that you can participate with activities with your family and friends and have a long, healthy life.

Studies have shown that people will be gung ho the first few weeks each January to achieve a particular goal but within a few short weeks, they have become discouraged, distracted, or simply bored and have gone back to their old habits. If they have started a diet, they have geared up for starting on a Monday.  They've had their "last Supper" consisting of their favorite junk food because Monday will be the day in which deprivation begins and it may be months of deprivation.  This is what happens when your brain thinks of a diet vs. a lifestyle.  If frustration sets in when they hit a plateau or perhaps they have become discouraged because the scales didn’t move. Whatever the reason, guess what happens? They head for the pantry pulling out their favorite pity foods. You know, the candy, the chips, cookies, anything for that instant gratification because after all, I worked hard, it didn’t work and I deserve some sort of reward. Or maybe it is meeting friends for food and/or drink. It was a rough week or frustrating day, etc. Does that sound familiar? How do you feel AFTER you've had that desired food?  A bit guilty?  Perhaps promising tomorrow I will start over.  Most people have fallen into those traps. How would you feel if you were able to stop bad behaviors and achieve your goals through a healthy approach? Hypnosis can help you with that by helping you break bad habits and focus on the good person that you truly are and establish good habits. We are great critics of ourselves and yet we would never talk to a good friend the way we judge ourselves. That negative self-talk turns into some pretty nasty bad habits that leave us in a major rut and if we aren’t careful, poor health. Just for today, accept who you are. Just for today, forgive yourself for past mistakes. Just for today, be willing to take the next step to take good care of yourself. After all, it may feel like baby steps but a few months from now you will be glad you made the change.  Give me a call and I'll help you with the wonderful journey of good habits, good health and positive results.