About Tricia Bourdeau

 I am a certified hypnotherapist in the State of Washington, a Hope Coach and a member of the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy. 

Perhaps you can identify with me.  I was struggling with weight gain, had pain issues and also had a number of unwanted habits and behaviors.  A few years ago I  decided to give hypnosis a try and was very pleased with the outcome.  As a result, I became a hypnotherapist so that I could help others. (The desire to help others has been part of my life.  Over the years, I have worked as a volunteer helping others.  I have been a Mary Kay consultant for 20 years and was awarded the prestigious "Go-give award" in my unit over three separate years. The founder of Mary Kay (Mary Kay Ash, defined the go-give award as: "The Mary Kay organization has been built on the Go-Give® Spirit. I sincerely believe that all you send into the lives of others does come back into your own. Give, give enthusiastically, give willingly and be willing to give beyond that for which you are being paid, and watch the returns come in.” – Mary Kay Ash

Mary Kay alsosaid that the Go-Give® Award is the greatest honor giving of one's self by reaching out to others with their support and their heart, enriching life itself. 

I also believe in keeping up to date with training so I regularly take classes.  I am  caring, compassionate and non-judgmental.  My philosophy is to establish a partnership with my clients so that they are empowered with knowledge and skills to reach their goals and fully live their lives.